Many people ask this question, “How to charge my inverter by Solar Panel ?”. It is very simple and easy to install yourself  with some basic knowledge of understanding positive and negative terminal in the battery and solar panels marked by + and – signs.

We assume you are already having,

  •  150Ah, 12V Battery – 1 no.
  • Inverter of 600VA or 850 VA – 1 no.
You need to get
  • 100 watts solar panel – 2 nos (Rs.14,000 approx)
  • 20 A, Solar Charge Controller – 1 no. (Rs.2,000 approx)
  • Good electrical wire (Red & Black)  length to reach solar panel to solar charge controller near your battery.

Understanding the components:

Solar Charge Controller will have 3 pairs of connection terminal.
    • Solar Panel + and -
    • Battery + and -
    • Load + and -
Solar Panel will have 2 terminals to connect the wire, + and -
Battery will have 2 terminals to connect the wire, + and -
Wire – Use good quality tick electrical wire


Please see the above diagram for quick understanding.

1. Switch of your inverter.

2. In your Solar Charge Controller, FIRST connect the battery positive(+) to positive(+)  and negative (-) to negative (-) terminal. Red(+) and Black(-) colors are Standard colors to use on a DC circuit.

3. Fix your solar panels at the roof top/terrace  or any place, where you will get maximum duration of sun light without shadow. Panels to be fixed 10-20 degree angle from the surface, facing north (for installation in South India). Fix the panels firmly, because it has long life, only if it is not damaged physically.

Connect the 2 solar panels in parallel. That is positive(+) to positive(+)  and negative (-) to negative (-) terminal. Use tick electrical wire, to bring the cable upto your battery. Never short (never join + and – ) the wire. Then connect these wires in the Solar Charge Controller’s Solar terminal, carefully by connecting + and – at correct signs.

4. That’s all. Make sure you have connected them correctly and switch on the Inverter. When your panel gets the sun light, you will see the Solar Charge Controller showing the “Charging” indicator on and the battery will start to charge from solar energy. You can power off the AC supply to the inverter, if you want to use only Solar energy. Please see the diagram for practical use of switches to be added in the AC 230v  wiring.

5. In your Solar Charge Controller, Load terminal is not connected yet. If you have 12v DV appliance, like 12v DC lights, or DC fans, you can connect that in this “Load” terminal. Otherwise just leave it unconnected.

Where to Buy ?

We can provide Solar Panels, Solar Charge Controllers, Solar Invervters, Solar PCU and instructions for installation. Contact

Solar panels supplied by us are comes with 5 years warranty. And Guaranteed Power Output of 90% for 10 Years and 80% for 25 Years.

Approvals and certificates for Panels : MNRE, TUV: IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC 61701

Caution :  Never go for cheap solar panels due to budget constrain. Instead, go for lesser capacity now and increase the panels later when you have some extra money on your pocket.  But surly you will get that money in return with in 6.5 years, by reducing in the EB bill.

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